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Over the years, we have watched piano after piano damaged beyond repair only because someone didn’t know how to handle this delicate musical instrument with the special care it needed. There are numerous general moving companies out there that have enough experience to move any kind of furniture. But when it comes to moving a piano, there are chances that the staff of such companies is not trained to maneuver the instrument safely and securely.

Moving a piano

Moving a piano without any damage requires specific knowledge, techniques, skills, equipment and most importantly a thorough training. You need something more than muscles, truck, and van to get this job done right. You need professional and experienced piano movers like us. We specialize in the fine art of moving the piano and know how to move it smoothly irrespective of the size of the piano or the method in which it needs to be transported.

We possess decades of experience and expertise in moving pianos of all kinds- from upright to grand pianos. Our piano moving Minneapolis crew is technically equipped with the appropriate quantity of knowledge and training to move the piano to the targeted area securely in all the variable conditions. From the first phone call that you make to us to the completion of your piano moving process, we only focus on providing an outstanding customer service.

Remove a piano from a church

We know that piano is one of your prized possessions and you want to trust it with the skilled professionals only. Our expertly trained team at Piano Movers Minneapolis will handle your musical instrument with utmost care that you always expect from a reputable piano moving company. We go all-out to preserve the integrity of your fine instrument with our adept expertise. When you choose us as your piano moving service, you are not merely choosing a moving company but you are picking years of experience that we provide. We ensure an unparalleled level of care and safety while moving each instrument.

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Why Choose Us?

We are qualified, bonded and insured as a piano moving company. You can count on us for the safe transportation of your instrument anywhere across the town or across the country. Our dedication and commitment to our job are clearly visible in every move we perform.

Experienced and Skilled Staff

Each member of our piano moving the team is courteous, friendly and efficient and knows how to perform the most outstanding piano move. They have an in-depth knowledge of the assembly and disassembly of the pianos and their inner mechanism. They are also well-equipped with all the necessary tools required to make the piano moving experience as smooth and safe as possible. All our office staff members, movers, and drivers uphold the highest quality and professional customer service. Every precaution is taken to make sure that the piano is delivered in the same condition to its targeted place without a mark or scratch anywhere on its exterior.

Customer Satisfaction is Priority

As a leading piano moving company in the country, we make every possible effort to make piano moving an absolutely fantastic experience for every client. Our movers are timely, professional, friendly and efficient and always know what exactly they are doing. From the very first call that you make to us for hiring us, our attempt is to ensure your satisfaction. Therefore we keep you aware of each and every step of the moving process.

Safe Delivery

Pianos are definitely huge and hefty and need some specific equipment for handling them. If you think your regular furniture moving company can move your piano, then there are chances that you will end up with a damaged instrument or injured crew member. We have an extensive range of tools like ramps, trolleys, and climbers to easily and effortlessly transport the piano without any difficulty.

Moving a covered piano with a trolley

Reliable and Cost-effective Services

The pleasure of low price will soon be forgotten but what remains in your memories always is the bitterness that comes from a poor quality service leading to an irreparable damage to your cherished instrument. Because pianos are heavy, valuable and have around 1000 moving parts, only a reliable and affordable piano movers in Minneapolis like us can guarantee the safest piano transportation anywhere across the nation.

We take care of the asymmetric shape, fragility and inner mechanics of the various kinds of pianos while transporting them in our extensive fleet of vehicles. We completely tune in with your move!

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